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Tour guide or self tours?

With today's technology tourist can visit city by following the self tour apps.

What is the pro or con?
Is self guiding for me or should I use an actual tour guide?

We are living in a world of technology that sometimes is not bullet proof or human.

With today technology it is somewhat easy to visit a city since most self tour guide apps will only pin point the most common things to be seen by tourist.

But what happened if you show up to the place you want to visit and they happened to be closed? Did you wasted your time and lost half day?

How about when the apps will tell you a price of place to visit and you find out that price is higher?
These are the pro and con of using an app!

Yet there are many tours operator that do offer city tours, some are somewhat basics and some are pro.
If you are looking for a quick tour just to say you’ve been there and done it then most basics tours are the one you need.

There are only few companies that offer VIP tours that do guarantee their stops with a full history of what you see and they take pictures for you.

If you travel from far to learn and discover a new place, you want to have a good memory to keep and to share with your friends and family members back home.

Places you visit have many cultural and history to learn from and only local tour guide that knows their city and history well can share this with you.
They will be your main point of contact and local resources if you have any questions.

In conclusion, while you are visiting a city and want to make the most of it is recommended to use the services of local tour operator.

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